Thursday, July 14, 2011

Confrontation is everywhere

Kris Dunn briefly discusses that one reason why managers don't coach their employees is because it involves confrontation.  Not only does coaching wither because it involves confrontation, so do a host of other activities.  Activities that are beneficial to everyone involved in the confrontation.

Here's a quick list of a few:
  1. Developing a new process
  2. Training
  3. Performance appraisals
  4. Discussions about pay
  5. Finding common ground
  6. Meeting new people
  7. Proof reading
  8. Learning new skills
 I am not saying that people never engage in these activities, simply that they engage in these less than they would benefit from them because they involve the hard work of confrontation.  That's a kicker, confrontation isn't bad it's just effortful.   Getting skilled enough at it to confront without alienating is even more effortful (an involves a lot of trial and error).  If you want you and your organization to consistently succeed, confront yourself about your hesitancy to confront.  Expend the effort it will take to practice confrontation enough that you will become comfortable with it and be able to bring about win-win situations.

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